The Aubertin organ in St Louis’s Church (France).

Renaissance des Orgues
et Musique Sacrée
à St-Louis de Vichy.
Salmons at the bottom 
of the pedal towers.

Activities from 1991 until 2006.

Concerts and Musical Hours
International organists
Organ classes
Organists visitors
Vichy reputation
Recording CD

Concerts and Musical Hours organized by the Association,
at Aubertin organ in St Louis’s Church.
Year Musical
(free entrance)
1991 7 4 2 13
1992 7 4   11
1993 7 3   10
1994 6 3   9
1995 6 3   9
1996 6 4   10
1997 6 4   10
1998 5 4   9
1999 4 4   8
2000 4 5 2 11
2001 3 4 1 8
2002 4 3   7
2003 3 2   5
2004 3 2   5
2005 3 1   4
2006 1 1 breakdown of the organ
because of air pollution
TOTAL 75 51 5 131
The Musical Hours and the concerts give the opportunity to listen to the organ and also voice, chorus and various instruments. Written programs present each of these concerts.

These events organized by the Association receive the support of the "Conseil Général de l'Allier" (district council) and of the town of Vichy.

International organists received at Vichy.
Year Artist Country Obs.
1991 U. Spang-Hansen Denmark  
1992 N. Allcoat United Kingdom  
1993 P.A. and O. Clerc Switzerland  
1994 M. Tchebourkina Russia  
1994 Y. Funaki Japan  
1995 C. Todorowski Canada  
1996 H. Hemert Germany  
1997 C. Pahud Switzerland  
1998 J.L. Uriol Spain  
1998 S. Toka Hungary  
1999 L. Ghielmi Italy  
2000 Y. Reichsteiner, clavecin-pédalier Switzerland  
2000 L. Lohman Germany  
2000 Kei Koïto Switzerland  
2000 C. Todorowski Canada  
2000 D. Severin Italia  
2001 B. Foccroule Belgium canceled, September 11th
2002 P.H. Haas Switzerland  
2002 S. Rodi Italia  
2002 B. Foccroule Belgium  
2005 D. Kinsela Australia  
2005 Y.G. Préfontaine Canada  
2005 T. Ratovondrahety Malagasy/Cavilam  


National musical academies
(Organ classes of Olivier Latry from Paris and J. Boyer from Lyon).

Musical Hours reserved to the national academies students.

Partner with the "Grand Prix International de Chartres".

Concert offered to the laureate.

Organ classes with their professors.
Organisms Professors
CNSM Paris M. Chapuis
CNR Lyon L. Robilliard
CNR Tours O. Vernet
CNR Montpellier Ch. de Zeuw
Improvisation training course of Souvigny N. Allcoat
Improvement training course of CNR Lille at Souvigny A. Heurtematte
Académie de Pontaumur Elga Schauerte

From nursery schools to secondary schools
Inheritance Classes (district and other regions)
Animations for the curists (on Thermes request)
Days of the Inheritance since their creation

Visits of international organists, particularly:
Germany, United Kingdom, Holland, Japan, New-Zeland, Australia, Canada, U.S.A., Russia...

All these activities participate at the renown of Vichy, particularly:
2 complete broadcasts at France-Musique (1991)
Report inauguration FR3 Auvergne
1 broadcast at Radio-France Puy de Dôme (1996)
Participation O. Vernet/G. Touvron at the TV broadcast Arte (A. Buteaux)
Participation at the broadcast of F. Castang for France Musique (1999)
TV Reports and interviews with FR3 Auvergne for the Bach Year (2000)
Frequent broadcasts of CD recorded at Saint-Louis on France-Musique
Many reports and reviews in the musical newspaper (Le Monde de la Musique, Diapason, etc...) and in the national press (Figaro, Télérama)
Musicora 2001 - a debate praised Vichy for the commemorative mass for J.S. Bach, on May 28 of 2000.
TV report FR3 Auvergne in 2006 (Olivier Vernet and Françoise Pouradier Duteil)

Recording CD
11 CD recorded with prestigious organists.
Voir : Discography.

Feb 12, 2007
Jean Convert, Valence, France.