The Aubertin organ in St Louis’s Church (France).

St Louis’s Church
in Vichy (France).
Salmons at the bottom 
of the pedal towers.

Nef et choeur de l'église Saint-Louis
Jean Convert photo, Sept 16, 2001.

The French emperor Napoléon III ordered the erection of the St Louis’s Church in Vichy, devoted by Mgr. de Dreux-Breze on July 2, 1865. Its external frontage presents bays in semicircular arch and a rose window in a transition of Gothic style, or romano-Burgundian style. Stained glasses represent saints bearing the names of certain members of the Bonaparte family.

St Neopolius, Roman legionary martyrized in Alexandria  ???
Andre Piroche (Vichy) photo.

St Napoleon (Detail)

Since 1802, St Napoleon Day may appear on August 15th, the Assomption Day. But the high clergy worked that affair cleverly:

more about Saint Neopolius...

First stone in 1862
devoted by Mgr. of Dreux-Breze on July 2, 1865

Jean LEFAURE, architect of the French State at the "Cie fermière", also signed the first country cottage of the emperor.

Anatole DAUVERGNE (1812-1870), interior decoration

CORBEL, sculptor (capitals, emblems, baptismal funds …)

Auguste HILDEBRAND, founder of bells (1875)

PACCARD, Annecy, foundry of bells (1919)

Alphonse OSBERT (1857-1939), strengthened painting of the chorus (12m x 2m)

BOEHM brothers from Mulhouse, altar out of carved wooden

LUSSON and OUDINOT, glass Masters , Paris

Raymond RIVOIRE (1884-1966), statue of saint Louis, 1944

Bibliography :
Saint-Louis de Vichy, Jacques Corrocher with the collaboration of Germaine Marol, Paroisse St-Louis, 1990, 150 pages. In this booklet, Françoise Pouradier Duteil presents the history of the organ.

Feb 12, 2006
Jean Convert, Valence, France.