The Aubertin organ of the Saint-Louis church in Vichy (France).

Salmons at the bottom 
of the pedal towers.
Concerts at the St Louis church in Vichy

The Aubertin organ likely not being in operating state for a few months, the Association, for the second consecutive year, programmed three concerts which do not require its use.

During this year 2007, you'll discover with pleasure voices of children of one of the rare schools of sacred music of cathedrals still existing today, of the original musics written for two small organ or two keyboards and finally an original repertory which exhibits the musical and instrumental richness of the medieval Occident.

Sunday May 13 2007 at 3:30 pm

La Maîtrise de la Cathédrale du Puy
It is formed with children / adolescent to which can join some adults (for the parts of bass). The young people have arranged schedules (usual school course + dayly hours of music). They are directed by Emmanuel MAGAT.
The program of the concert is placed under the title:
"From the Average Age to our days,
musics of Notre-Dame of Puy".

Sunday August 19 at 3:30 pm

Concert with 2 organs
offered by: Henri Delorme, holder of the F.H. Clicquot organ of Souvigny (M.H. 1783)
and Francoise Pouradier Duteil, holder of the Aubertin organ of Saint-Louis church of Vichy
with the choir organ and the positive organ of the Federation of the Organists in the Allier district.

FREE ENTRY (a collection will be made at the end of the concert for the profit of the Aubertin organ repairing)

Sunday September 9 at 3:30 pm

Ensemble WITIZA

Luis BARBÁN (song, santur)
Cédric CRESPIN (song, rebec, daf)
Béatrice PARY (song)
Léo RICHOMME (song, nay, ûd)

"PROTUS D" Program
(Programme "PROTUS Ré")
As regards modal music, the medieval Occident does not have anything to envy the traditional musics which refer to this field: the Indian, Arabic, Persian musics…
This concert, which precisely regains a kind of execution from these cultures, exhibits in an astonishing way the richness of our musical inheritance.
"Protus D" ("Protus Ré") is a particularly varied program, in which alternate parts with 3 or 4 singers, parts sung in solo accompanied by instruments, monodic parts and polyphonic parts.
(remarkably well documented site, partitions, links)

For the May 13 and September 9 concerts:
rate 19 and 16 Є *
Reduced fare for the students, senior cards, Pass' curist,
members of the Association Rebirth of the Organ
and Sacred music at Saint-Louis in Vichy
free for the children less than 12 years.

The fares are sold at the concert entry from 3 pm.

Mar 25, 2007
Jean Convert, Valence, France.